Your perfect fitting custom shirts will be the best fitting and favourite shirts you’ve ever own. If it’s the correct fit in the collar and the sleeves are the right length, also the body isn’t too big around the waist. You will have comfort and confidence knowing you are looking your best.

You can always make some small adjustments to improve your fit just a little further. Our goal is to build the perfect fit. Three things we think will help our clients go from a great fitting shirt to an entirely perfect shirt.

> Make sure the cuffs are not too loose or tight

A common problem is the cuffs are looser than they need to be. A perfect fitting shirt will have the cuffs fit snug without being uncomfortable. It is not a good practice when a guy tries to push his hands through his shirt cuffs before unbuttoning them. The reason we like the cuffs to fit so tight is that it ...


Shirt Watch Allowance

If you’re adjusting the cuffs of your dress shirt to be somewhat tight to your wrists and wear a larger watch on your left or right wrist, you will want to consider specifying a watch allowance.

How your custom dress shirt watch allowance is determined

Selecting a watch allowance allows you to make the left or right cuff .25″, .5″ or .75″ larger than the other cuff so that it can slide over your watch with ease. You’ll want to specify the watch allowance for the wrist that will have the watch.

Identifying the right amount of watch allowance

Choosing between .25″, .5″ and .75″ will depend on the size of your watch, and how snug you’re making the cuffs in general. If you’re keeping the cuffs somewhat loose, you will not need a watch allowance at all. However, if you notice that the cuff of your w...


Selecting the perfect shirt length depends on if you plan to wear the shirt tucked or untucked. Also, how high you wear your pants, the size of your stomach and the required number of buttons on the front should be a factor.

How long should your custom tucked in shirt be?

A tucked-in shirt should come to the bottom of the butt or slightly below. Rule of thumb, the longer a shirt, the more securely it will tuck into the pants, and the straighter it will stay aligned at the front.

How long should my untucked shirt be?

If you plan to wear your shirt primarily casually untucked, you will want a slightly shorter shirt length. But don't go too short! This is a common mistake. A good matrix is that an untucked shirt should come to the center/bottom of the butt. Another good rule of thumb is that the front bottom shirt tail should just barely align with the ends of your sleeves when you stand...


Brooks Bingham Clothing dress shirts are made from woven cotton and beautifully woven cotton shrinks an average of 2%. All fabrics are a bit different, but 1-3% is a good rule of thumb. 2% may not sound like much, but keep in mind that for a collar size of 16″ that translates to 0.4″ in the collar size, and for a sleeve length of 34″, it can mean a full 0.6″!

How the shirt is washed and dried can make a big difference.

If you only dry clean the shirt, will it still shrink?”, Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Indeed, if you rarely wear the shirt and only occasionally have it spot-cleaned by the dry-cleaner, it will not shrink as much as if it is washed regularly in water. And if you’re very careful it may not shrink at all. However, for other reasons, we don’t suggest dry-cleaning as the best method to wash a dress shirt. We recommend sizing the shirt such that some average am...


This is an aspect of dressing a lot of men don't understand well – taking care of fine clothes, especially your dress shirts. You splurge on high-quality custom dress shirts and then, within six months, you realize you need to order more. Hang on, though – aren’t high-quality fabrics supposed to last longer? The issue is that most men are not aware of how to properly take care of their custom dress shirts. We have four steps to ensure your dress shirts not only help you look sharp, but also last longer!

First Step To Taking Care: Washing

Many of us are unaware of the of stress our dress shirts go through with each wash. If you send out your dress shirts for dry cleaning all the time, DONT! Why? Because most dress shirts are not meant to be dry cleaned and every dry cleaner uses chemicals that deteriorate your delicate garments.

Even a regular wash in the washing machine causes the dress shirt color and patt...


You want to purchase high-quality dress shirts but are having trouble discerning whether what you are looking at is the best quality or not.

The last thing you need is something that looks good at first and ends up being junk. So with that established, let’s have a look at seven factors to look for when buying a high-quality dress shirts.

1. Quality Fabrics

Needless to say, the quality of the fabric is the foundation of the garment. Higher quality dress shirts are often made from Egyptian Cotton, which is considered the standard for fine cotton.

Egyptian cotton fibers are considered the longest, at 1 ½ inches. Egyptian cotton is considered soft, silky and firm. Alternatives to Egyptian cotton include Sea Island and Pima.

Additionally, the vast majority of shirt fabrics fall into five major weave categories; Broadcloth, Oxford, Pinpoint, Twill and Herringbone, which ...

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