Are you one of the millions of men that off the rack clothing just doesn't work for you? A generic size built for the generic man? Brooks Bingham Clothing started exactly for this reason. We are athletes, surrounded by athletes and strive to work with those that search for perfection. And we were sick and tired of spending thousands on garments just to spend hundreds or thousands more for a tailor to sort of make it fit.

We strive to be a luxury solution in the clothing industry while providing custom garments built and designed by you for you. We give you all the power to be as creative as possible while designing your clothing followed by the implementation of photo technology to collect all needed measurements. Through our 3D tools you have the ability to see and explore millions of options to complete your one of a kind piece.

We thank you for taking the time to explore Brooks Bingham Clothing, and we look forward to helping you explore the world of custom garments