Welcome to Brooks Bingham Clothing

The self-made man is not defined by status quo, but rather for taking the “the road less traveled”. Bold decision making, and unwillingness to follow the masses continues to shape our path at Brooks Bingham Clothing. We are fueled by the insatiable need to create something new, to make our mark in the world, and we believe that every man has the same desire. We would consider it an honor to be a part of YOUR journey, by ensuring your clothing is as unique as your destiny. Because YOU deserve it.

Our Craft

At Brooks Bingham Clothing, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and Old-World craftsmanship. We understand that the finest materials and time-tested processes are the foundations for classic style and impeccable clothing—and that is precisely the reputation which we have steadfastly maintained. Our garments and accessories exemplify our style and workmanship.

From our early beginnings as a pioneer in the industry of designing and crafting fine gentleman's made-to-measure tailored clothing online we have grown to our current position as one of the most distinguished manufacturers of fine clothing, the story of Brooks Bingham Clothing is that of the American Dream, realized.

As made to measure crafters, manufacturers, and purveyors of distinctive design sensibility, we are committed to bringing you an iconic, American brand whose quality is second to none.

Our Difference

We do more than just design beautiful clothing, we develop each item with the highest quality materials and the greatest care. We begin our process by curating the finest materials available to create an impeccable, unique piece of clothing that only you will own, and that we hope you will enjoy for years to come.

Our Materials

We begin with the finest fabrics from the most esteemed weaving mills in Europe, Asia, and Australia to build your one-of-a-kind garment. You will have a section of mother-of-pearl buttons, exquisite silk linings from Europe and Asia, and long staple Egyptian cotton yarns. Our materials are second to none.

Our Process

To guarantee impeccable quality and fit, Brooks Bingham Clothing uses your own body measurements to create made-to-measure garments meant just for you. We guide you through our easy-to-use online measurement process step-by-step. It only takes 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home.

No need of a tailor, Use our new 3D Body scanner or just have a good friend to measure you.

Our Promises

If your Garment does not fit the way it should,Let us know and we will make it right, Immediately!

We Know that fit is the most important component of stylish clothing and we want you to look and feel the best in our clothes. If your Brooks Bingham Clothing garment doesn’t fit the way it should, we will work with you to make it right immediately.

All Brooks Bingham Clothing are made to your unique measurements and may require slight adjustments to obtain the perfect fit. Brooks Bingham Clothing offers an alteration credit that can be applied to tailoring services in your home area. If your garment cannot be appropriately altered, Brooks Bingham Clothing will remake it for you free of charge. Whether you have a question about style, fit, or technical issues, our customer service experts will have an answer for you within 24 hours.

Our Philosophy

Fashion Fades: Only Style Remains the Same

We believe dressing well increases a healthy regard for who we are, where we have been, and what we can do. It supports an optimistic outlook and reflects our capacity to achieve greatness.

Dressing well is also aspirational – what we wish to become. And often overlooked: dressing well also speaks of our respect for those around us.

Superbly handcrafted, made-to-measure custom garment is a noted expression of your personal style, part of your aesthetic balance, your own story of respect, honor, and effort.

Brooks Bingham Clothing is imagined and designed with our customer's preference to their individual style and story, and realized by talented traditional artisans with vigor, respect, and trust.

By combining our impeccable old-world craftsmanship with modern day technology, we have made quality custom clothing easy and accessible to gentlemen worldwide.

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