We only use fabrics of the highest quality. Our suit fabrics can be made of 100% Merino wool, linen, cashmere and wool blends sourced from some of the finest fabric mills in Europe, including brand names such as Zegna, LORO PIANA, HOLLAND&SHERRY, 1881, SCABEL, and DORMEUIL. Our shirt fabrics are expertly chosen and designed to suit your individual needs.
Brooks Bingham Clothing suits are made with the greatest care and attention to detail. We have fine tuned our measuring system to enable us to design shirts that fit your body perfectly. After you enter your measurements and specific custom choices, the real work begins. We make a 3D image of your body and build the suit from that image. The fabric is laser cut to ensure exact and precise lines and then painstakingly built by one of our master tailors. The process is checked multiple times to ensure the highest quality and best fit. The threads and buttons you request are added. The cuffs and collars are built. The garment is pressed and wrapped, then delivered to you wrinkle free. The shirt comes with our perfect fit guarantee.
Avoiding the Cleaners
You know not to throw your suit into the washer but there’s nothing that will beat up your suit jacket and wear it out faster than frequently taking it to the dry cleaners. While a trip to the cleaners every once in a while is inevitable, do so only when visible dirt or odor has built up. Instead, ask your cleaner to spot clean any dirty areas rather than cleaning the entire suit jacket. Dry cleaning will expose your suit to harsh chemicals that will eventually wear down the fabric. Some cleaners also fail to exercise sufficient care during the process and may damage the internal canvassing (this is not a problem for pants which do not contain canvassing). So only clean your suit jacket when needed. Also, remember that suit care becomes incrementally more important with fabrics of higher micron number (higher than Super 150s wool). Many people confuse wool of higher micron numbers with higher durability but the opposite is the case. While softer and lusher which results in better drape, wool yarn with higher micron numbers are also finer and more fragile, making them more susceptible to everyday wear and tear; frequent dry cleaning will only exacerbate the issue.

Steaming, NOT Ironing
Using a garment steamer on your suit is one of the best ways to not only free your suit of wrinkles but also deodorize it. Steaming is a more delicate method of rejuvenating the fibers of your suit that will help prolong its life. A good steamer can cost up to $150 but is a small price to pay to keep your suits in tip-top shape over the long run. Avoid steaming the chest area. This area doesn’t wrinkle much and applying steam to the chest area of a jacket may alter the relative shape of the internal canvas. More importantly, AVOID use of a regular iron to press your suits, as the prolonged and direct contact of an iron on the suit at a high-temperature setting may damage the fabric and cause a “shine”. If you must iron, use a press cloth as a barrier to protect the wool.

Always hang your suit up in a well spaced area when you’re not wearing it. Invest in a proper wooden hanger with a widespread contoured shape. This will help to preserve the shape and drape of the suit. The hanger should be wide enough to touch the edge of the suit’s shoulders and to fill up a portion of the shoulder area. Hangers made of natural wood are best, as they will help absorb the moisture from the fabric after a long day of wear.
At this time, we do not send fabric samples by mail. Please ask our service advisors any specific questions you have about our fabrics, and they will be happy to assist you.
They can be. Functional sleeve buttonholes are one of the customization options you have when ordering your garment. You can choose decorative or functional button holes. Just let us know.
We have multiple customization options, but if the choices listed on our site still leave you wishing for something else, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to work with you to design a suit/shirt to your liking.
Our suits and shirts are custom made by experienced tailors. Our tailors send the clothing to luxury stores around the globe. Our fabrics are made in several locations around the world in premium fabric mills.
From the moment you place your order, it will take approximately four to five weeks to receive your new suit. You will be given an approximate date when we receive your order based on the amount of customization and type of fabric you select.
It will take approximately three weeks to receive your order from the time you place it. You will receive an approximate delivery date when placing your order.
Everything we make is custom ordered and unique to you. As a result, the styles available are only limited by your imagination.
We offer casual everyday shirts, business shirts, and tuxedo shirts. All of these shirts are made according to your individual selections, so the styles are endless.
You can choose from a multitude of colors and patterns for your suit lining.
A proper fitting shirt should not be too tight or too loose. Shoulder seams should lie perfectly to complement the width of your shoulders. Cuffs need to be tight enough to hold your sleeves in place. Shirt length should be long enough to stay tucked in if that is how you prefer to wear your shirts.
We recommend hanging your shirts on a sturdy hanger and buttoning them up to keep them from wrinkling. Launder when needed.
For best results, we do recommend taking your shirts to be professionally cleaned, however, all of our shirts can be washed in cold cycle and gently dried.
We have a step-by-step measurement guide Measure Your Body. A measuring tape and a friend are all you need.
No, you do not. All you need to do is follow our simple measuring guide -- 15 minutes and you're done. No need to hire help.
Yes you can, We need the exact measurements from your favorite garment. We want your custom piece of clothing to fit you perfectly.
Yes you can, We need the exact measurements from your favorite garment. We want your custom piece of clothing to fit you perfectly.